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Spending any amount of time in the rainforest, and all other travel for that matter, comes with inherent risk. However, if the proper precautions and preparations are taken, the jungle can be an absolutely magical and transformational place.


At Sumak Kawsay In Situ we have all the basic first aid supplies and our employees have first aid and CPR training. The nearest hospital is in Puyo, approximately 1.5 hours from SKIS (depending on weather and driving conditions). In the case of an emergency we will call in a helicopter evacuation through the helicopter pad on site at SKIS.


We recommend getting several vaccines before your trip to Ecuador, depending on where exactly you plan to travel. It is recommended that all travelers visiting Ecuador are up to date on routine vaccinations, such as:

- measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine

- diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine

- varicella (chickenpox) vaccine

- polio vaccine

- tetanus

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The CDC advises travelers to get the Yellow Fever vaccination if traveling to areas below 2,300 meters in elevation. Sumak Kawsay is situated at an elevation of 1,475 meters, however cases of Yellow Fever are extremely rare in this region. If planning to travel to Puyo, Misahualli, or any other region of the lower Amazon we do recommend getting this vaccination.

According to the CDC Malaria occurs at elevations below 1,500 meters, putting SKIS right at the Malaria line. Malaria is uncommon in the region surrounding SKIS, however we do recommend getting preventative malarial treatment if planning to travel to Puyo, Misahualli, or any other region of the lower Amazon. Various drugs can be used to prevent Malaria. Doxycycline

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The CDC recommends getting the Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccines, as these infections can potentially be contracted through contaminated food or water anywhere in Ecuador.

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Sumak Kawsay In Situ is NOT responsible for illness resulting from failure to obtain the recommended vaccinations.

We ask that all visitors review and sign a release of liability form. Minors (<18 years old) must provide the signature of a legal guardian in addition to their own signature.

Please download the document to the left, review the terms and conditions, sign at the bottom, and email the form to OR provide the form upon arrival at Sumak Kawsay In Situ.

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